A car rental service that delivers an engaging, convenient, and memorable road trip experience.


User Research, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Visual Design 


Augustus Arthur, Rohan Chavan, Tony Tran


Designing Information Experiences


9 weeks, April - June 2019


Design Challenge

How can we provide an engaging, convenient and memorable road trip experience? 

The current car rental experience focuses on ensuring the availability of cars and the feasibility of external services like car pick-up and drop-off. It doesn’t support car rental for specialized travel plans like long-distance road trips. In our research, we identified that long-distance road trip car renters value in-car experience and are always looking for solutions that can facilitate it. Currently, there exists no solution that provides meaningful travel experiences by facilitating in-car engagement and entertainment. In this project, we use the design thinking process to address this gap and design a user-centered product. 

Design Solution - Trypr!

A car rental service that delivers an engaging, convenient, and memorable road trip experience.


Design Process

Coming Soon! 



This project introduced me to Experience Designing. I learned that experience design when applied in the field of Human Computer Interaction during the design stages augments the impact technology can have on an individual’s psychological being. I also learned the importance of prioritizing secondary research in the initial stages of the study planning which helped us get a better understanding of existing solutions and prevent reinventing the wheel. Overall, this project covered almost the entire spectrum of the design domain, developing from phenomenology to customer experience, service experience, and information experience, thus, leaving me with a good understanding of various design processes that I can utilize as per the demand of my future projects.